Luminescent Pigment
glowing powder

See Thing and People
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Glow in the Dark Epoxy's

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Photoluminescent Photoluminescent products photoluminescence

Non Skid Tapes

Emergency stairwell  *  Safety Products

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  •     Our Company          Sspecializeding  in
    All  type of coatings

Fire Retardant Painting
Acrylic  Wall Texture
Anti graffiti Painting
Thermal Painting
Immersion Coatings













Pool Paint that Glows
•Hotels •Motels-•Country Clubs
•Health Clubs-•Hospitals
•Community Centers
City owned Pools
•Private Swimming Pools


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I can help to find the luminescent products
provide all your product application needs

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  We are also a 
ull Service Painting Company
Including Luminescent  & Epoxy floor Applications

 See our Thermal Painting Division

We specialize in Epoxy floor applications standard or with
Glow in the dark technology  Using   a great product by   

  Shale gas Fracking 

For your Commercial & Industrial  Floor applications today

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Commercial & Industrial painting services 


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Great Western Painting

  • Professional Luminescent Applicators
    Commercial Properties

  • High-rise buildings

  • Logos

  • Towers

  • Malls

  • Parking Garages

  • New construction

  • Industrial structures

  • Hotels

  •  Hospitals

  • Casinos

  • Shopping Malls

  • Water Towers

  • Schools

  • Water tanks

  • Photoluminescent pigments - Photoluminescent reflections - photoluminescent inks - photoluminescent paints - photoluminescent thread - photoluminescent signage - photoluminescent film -  photoluminescent tapes

    See our site for a List of Company's  products we use  In our
     Commercial & Industrial Painting company

    Industrial Paint Manufacturers
    These 4 Domain names are for sale  208-371-7757
    Photoluminescent powder -UV invisble powder of inorganic and organic-Infrared visible powder- 
    Photochromic powder-Thermochromic powder--X ray fluorescent powder - 
    Photoluminescent plastic-Photolumiscent fiber, thread, rope.--Photoluminescent stone, rock pebble.- 
    Photoluminescent vinyl, tape and paper-Photoluminescent rigid plastic board and strip.-Photoluminescent aluminum board and strip.-Photoluminescent aluminium anti-slip stair nosing.- 
    Photoluminescent safety signage-Photoluminescent reflective tape.--Photoluminescent Ceramic tile

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